The Iron Crusade

Adventures of Gath the Elf Ranger

Episode 4: The Blinded Eyes [Session 4]

PAYDAY! We got back to town and received our reward form the shocked and grateful captain. Nothing says “Welcome home” like five hundred gold(except more gold)! Everyone was thrilled to see us return…well almost everyone. The barkeep was less than thrilled to see he now owed Brann free drinks for a month, which he began taking advantage of immediately. While we are celebrating our survival, we meet this guard, Luthien, who tells us our missing friend Aurora may have gone to the temple of Kord to investigate a robbery of an ancient artifact. I honestly find it a little odd that someone is afraid of a dead body would go off on their own. Anyway, when we get to the temple, we learn more about the gang behind the robbery. They are a small time street gang called the Blinded Eyes. This has been the biggest job they have ever pulled. The only thing anyone knows about them is that the operate out of the slums, which is where Aurora was last seen headed days ago. She’s going to get herself killed doing something like this on her own.

We decide that we should head off to the slums to see if we can find any clues. However, with night fast approaching, Dirk decides it is best that he “goes for a walk” outside of town for some fresh air. As we proceed through the slums, we come across a half-orc being harassed by two orcs and a human. We help him out and arrest the human who turns out to be with the Blinded Eyes. The half-orc, named Will, seems quiet well mannered for one of his kind. He also has a deep hatred of other orcs and things he considers barbaric. While talking with him, we hear a strange noise and follow it, but never find out what it was. Around now, it becomes very apparent that Krozius does not care for Luthien and her views of the slums and knocks her out with a sleep spell. After that, I decide to head back to the inn for some sleep. The next morning, I go down for some breakfast. As I eat my hardy meal, the rest of the group begins to show up. While Dirk seemed to have a less than pleasant evening, it looked like Brann had the time of his life(or any other night for a dwarf, I suppose). While Drik, Krozius, and I finish our breakfast, the others engage some Blinded Eye members in the back room. By the time we get there, they have already arrested another suspect. I also manage to sell some spare rope I had to Luthien for three gold. A nice complement to my twenty two gold I collected from the unlucky orcs we killed. Five hundred twenty five gold, a good start(for now). I decide to go with Luthien and Will to have the prisoner interrogated. Nothing new even with torture. Well, better luck next time. I better be getting paid for all this.



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