The Iron Crusade

Adventures of Gath the Elf Ranger

Episode 5: Bazaar Madness [Session 5]

After interrogating the prisoners, Brann, Will, Luthien, and I set off to the Bazaar to stock up and better equip ourselves. While there, Will made a deal with me offering to by my pelts and promising to pay me 30 gold for each wolf pelt and 50 gold for the werewolf pelt. Afterwards, we went to a potion stand and bought health potions. I noticed the little freak gave me an off-color potion. Being displeased with the product I received, I attempted to exchange it for another. This drove the vendor hysterical. The hypocrite even called me a thief! To calm this sorry excuse for a business man, Luthien walked me around the corner in shackles. Thankfully, she and Will agree that his business warrants an investigation.

We decide our next step should be to locate the Blinded Eyes’ sanctuary located in the sewers. We head off to the slums without Dirk or Krozius who seem to have wandered off. We ask a child in the slums about the sewers and he directs us to the shack of an old man. The grumpy old man wants nothing to do with the sewers or the gang and tries to turn us away. Brann breaks down his door and we press him for answers. He lets slip that he was the former leader of the gang. Now we just need him to get us into the sanctuary.



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