The Iron Crusade

Adventures of Gath the Elf Ranger

Episode 6: Into the Sewers

After making an example of his door, Brann and I were able to convince the old man to draw us a map to the Blinded Eyes’ base. We follow the map through the sewers until a pack of rats swarms us from behind. Now, a bunch of rats may not seem like much, but swinging a sword at an angry swarm of rats is easier said than done. After dealing with that annoyance, we finally come upon the door to the gang’s base. Brann politely knocks on the door like a dwarf and even prepares to set it on fire. Before he can, the gang’s watchmen come out to greet us with crossbows. Those chumps didn’t stand a chance. Best of all, I took their cards. We make our way into the central chamber where their half-ling leader is sitting on his throne surrounded by guards. Before we can be properly introduced, a werewolf, who I can only presume to be Dirk, charges out of the back room, smashes through some of the guards and leaps over us and heads into the sewers. With half the guards ready to soil their pants, we charge into battle. The half-orcs were our first priority. I manage to stab one in the back and…that’s a big axe. FUUU—-



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