The Iron Crusade

Adventures of Gath the Elf Ranger

Episode 7: Cleaning House

Well, I’m back on my feet and it looks like everyone was able to finish off those thugs. Brann was looking a bit hurt so I gave him one of my potions. Unfortunately, it was the “different” potion and, instead of healing him, gave him a burst of strength. At least we found that out now rather than in a tight situation. As we recovered, the halfling began to wake up so we tied him up and interrogated him. The little bastard doesn’t feel like answering us though so we decide to just let the guards handle him. We start off raiding their weapons closet and take some magic weapons and gold. After that, Krozius heads back to free the other prisoners while I head to the barracks to investigate. I head to the back where I presume the leader slept and investigate his desk. I find some important looking papers that seem to be contracts for the gang and prove their involvement in the theft of the amulet. We take the evidence and loot and head back to town. Krozius and I head back to the inn while Brann and Dirk take the halfling to the guards. Once the got back to the inn we divided up the loot and went to sleep.



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