The Iron Crusade

Adventures of Gath the Elf Ranger

Episode 8: A Useful Robe of Useful Items

After a well deserved rest and hardy breakfast, we head to the temple to return the stolen amulet. At the temple, Dirk and Brann discuss their situation with the paladin and are allowed to hold on to the amulet for now. The paladin then gives us a list of possible suspects who may have ordered the amulet to be stolen and we leave to see if the guard captain is available. Unfortunately, the captain is busy interrogating the halfling we brought in and is unable to see us. Since we just acquired a large sum of gold, we decide now would be a good time to shop for new gear. While in some magical shop, I am shown the most amazing robe I have ever seen. He called it a “robe of useful items.” While demonstrating it, he was able to pull a large ladder, expensive looking pot, and bag of gold out of its pocket. I knew right away that I must have this robe! With some generous donations by Brann and Dirk, I was the new proud owner of a robe of Useful items! Once everyone was finished shopping, we went back to the tavern and asked the barkeep about each of our suspects. While each of them were very influential and could have secret deals, he mentioned that the mayor had been acquiring magical artifacts lately. This is a start, but we’ll need to keep investigating if we want to find out who’s behind this.



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