The Iron Crusade

Adventures of Gath the Elf Ranger

Episode 9: Money Talks

We set off to investigate the adviser Iris Marask. Being an adviser in the wealthier part of town, everything from walking in the door to expecting a detailed answer cost gold. I can think of a million better uses for gold, but I guess we had little choice. To her credit, she did offer us free tea, although I elected not to drink any. I don’t feel comfortable drinking anything given to me by someone I’m investigating. Speaking to her we did learn that she does business with the merchant Berkal who is also a possible suspect and that he will be in town tomorrow. She also explained that Captain Songsteel distrusts the mayor because of his sudden rise in power and popularity. But the most important thing I learned is that she has a lot of nice, shiny trinkets! But I digress. We have a lot of work to do if we are going to figure this out.



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