The Iron Crusade

Journal of Krozius Arroway

Session 4

Upon entering the town, we were greeted with cheers and admiration as word began to spread around the town of Bramblesmash that those “foolhardy” adventurers actually survived their encounter with the wolves and appeared to be returning victoriously. Marorin Songsteel, the captain of the town guard greeted us not long after we arrived presented us with a monetary reward of roughly 500 Gold each (I suppose it’s better than Brann’s beer), Dirk thanked him for his ‘generosity’ and we went on to the tavern to celebrate. Brann immediately took the barkeep Walward up on his offer of free alcohol should he return alive, much to the barkeep’s dismay. There was however one person missing from the celebrations, it appeared that Aurora, after returning to the tavern, went off to fulfill her own agenda…

During our celebrations we met with a member of the town guard who goes by the name of Lúthien Carnesîr. She was able to tell us a little about the ‘Blinded Eyes’, a criminal organization that was part of the reason for Aurora’s disappearance. She also informed us of a robbery orchestrated by said gang at the temple of Kord that had resulted in the theft of a precious amulet we later found out was called the “Amulet of Inner Strength”. Upon hearing of the fact that the Blinded Eyes had something to do with this robbery, we set out for the temple in an attempt to find out more information about where our friend might have gone. Upon arrival we discovered from the Paladin of Kord Traros Hawklightthat the Blinded Eyes frequented the slums but it was not known much about where their base of operations was. This coincidence appeared to make our band and Lúthien temporary allies and as the topic of going to the slums came up with greater and greater frequency, I began to resent this fact. Lúthien was going to the slums in search of the Blinded eyes and we were on our way in search of our party member, we had similar goals in mind (finding the Blinded Eyes) so it only made sense for us to work together. My problem with her has to do with apparent disregard of people in the slums as actual people, that they were below her, or that they did not deserve to be within her presence. (I may be exaggerating a bit but this is the way that her attitude made me feel)

Enough digressions we were able to make it to the slums and acquisition the aid of a rather peculiar half orc by the name of Will. This half orc if rather peculiar because it appears that he resents the fact that he is indeed half orc, he seems to stoutly oppose anything that he deems ‘barbaric’ and maintain a civil of a composure in all situations. We met this half orc in the slums doing battle with blind eye thugs and endeavored to assist him when Brann put his foot in the face of the thug leader ensuring to everyone around whose side we were taking. The fight went rather quickly and we proceeded to capture the leader so that Lúthien could take him into custody for questioning, but the longer I was in her company the more and more angered I became. I at first merely attempted to make her job as hard as it could possibly be in an attempt to frighten the prisoner I began causing a ruckus with the ghost sound and mage hand spells that I had at my disposal. It did not end there though her constant berating and belittling of the slums (the location were I have spent most of my entire life!) was getting out of hand. I finally had enough and put her under a magical sleep and abruptly left before she awoke.

I spent my night brooding under the stars near the entrance to the town, curious about how Dirk is doing at this moment seeing as he left town for the evening unsure of weather or not he would change again. I went in search of him at first light and we met each other about mid morning and began our journey back towards the town and the inn. We arrived at the inn and no sooner had we sat down with Gath that guard Lúthien comes walking through the door. Brann goes up and whispers something in her ear and she immediately begins walking towards the back of the room with Will and Brann in tow. She pushes her way past Walward after a short conversation and enters one of the back rooms. It appeared that neither Gath nor Dirk took any notice of this, and not wanting to get involved, did not inform them until I heard glass shattering in the back room and a ruckus begin. We arrived at the door to the room as Lúthien was shackling another Blinded Eyes thug and preparing to take him off for questioning. Not wanting to hear anything more from the guard and hoping to avoid another outburst from myself I ask Dirk to assist me in searching the slums again for our friend Aurora



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