The Iron Crusade


Session 4

The maps I kept in my journal show there should be a town nearby. I’ll head there and recover for a bit before pursing Gruumsh again. This is a

pleasant town, though they care not too much for my kind, though I cant really blame them. I found an inn that seems to not have a bius opinion, so I will stay
here for the night. The inn is called the notched broadsword. I got the best night of sleep I’ve had in over a month, even though it was haunted with dreams of my
torture. This is my second day in town and I got bothered by a barbaric group of fellows while wandering the town, two being halforc and one, a human. They
seemed to belong to a gang called the blinded eyes, maybe they have something to do with gruumsh. A party of nice enough people came to my aid when I just
didn’t feel like a confrontation of 3 on 1. With this group is a kind, driven guardswoman, A brawling dwarf with an okay attitude, an elf ranger who seems greedy,
but not bad at all, and a halfelf mage with an odd outlook on things but I think he will prove to be friendly. The halforcs were killed in the confrontation, but the
human was taken in custody by the guard. I keep reliving Gruumsh’s camp in my nightmares. I my new friends cant tell that I’m troubled. Today we tracked down
more of the blinded eyes and there seems to be a lot of halforcs in there ranks, so I’m almost positive they are in kahoots with Gruumsh. So I’ve decided that if I
help the group investigate this gang I will find Gruumsh again. I also want to join the ranks of the town guard because if I can gain their trust they might help me
stop Gruumsh and the blinded eyes. we took another person into custody and I wanted to torture him so bad, but I didnt want to succumb to the bloodlust, and so
far I’ve succeeded. I need to find means of leather working so I can make new armor, and means of crafting a new bow.



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