High Magus Tyrith

Ancient High Magus of Silex


High Magus Tyrith was always a power hungry man, never feeling like had satisfied his palate. At a young age this thirst for power led him to the Arcane Repository of Silex, at the time it was mainly known for it’s production of magic items through the crafts of the Silexian Forges, but Tyrith wasn’t satisfied with simple enchanting weapons for the soldiers and travelers that came across the meager repository. He was determined to do more

After decades of effort, he had finally transformed the repository into one of the most influential learning’s of magic on all of Venatier and yet, Tyrith’s thirst was still not sedated. He brought together a circle of mages together with plans to usurp King Dasur.

The power of his mages completely demolished the Silexian military, burning a path straight to King Dasur. The king gave his crown without a fight knowing that it would only cause more bloodshed for both sides.

High Magus Tyrith then began his rule, limiting any sort of work that was not towards the research of magic, forges were left unattended, trading routes were all but dried up, and diplomacy was at a standstill.

The last few years of his rule he would lock himself in his laboratories rarely leaving to eat or sleep. There were rumors of his research, research of extending his life. But it was cut short during his final trial, he replaced his very blood with the essence of magic. His body was old and not as strong as it once was, the magic burst through his body burning, freezing it, and transforming it in front of the eyes of any “loyal” subjects he might have had, ending his reign.

High Magus Tyrith

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