The Iron Crusade

Arrival at Bramblesmash
Session 1-2

Brann Alestromm

After arriving at Bramblesmash, we encountered few people on the streets. We later learned that wolves and humanoid figures had been attacking the town every couple of nights. After speaking with the Marorin Songsteel, we received free room and drink at the nearby tavern, The Notched Broadsword.

During our sleep we heard screams from outside and we swiftly went to investigate. As we exited the tavern, we saw wolves attacking the village people and we engaged a small group attempting to break down a door. After finishing these wolves off, there was a noise coming from the west and all of the wolves retreated. As we were heading back to sleep, a man emerged from the half-destroyed door and thanked us for saving him.

Upon waking, we dined on a magnificent feast of ale and meat as thanks for our assistance in the previous night’s attack. After eating we headed to the nearby cloth shop that was owned by one of the men we had saved during the attack. I purchased good cloth weatherproof cloaks with hoods for the party as well as leather gloves for myself.

As we ventured west towards the mysterious noise we heard during the attack, we encountered multiple dead bodies that were torn to shreds. The armor they wore identified them to be guards of Bramblesmash. As we continued, a group of wolves sprung out of bushes and surrounded us. I quickly dispatched of one of them with a single blow, sending it a good distance away into a tree. After the wolves were taken care of, we decided to take some time to mend our wounds.

Adventures of Gath the Elf Ranger
Episode 2: Menace in the West [session 1-2]

Dearest Family,

After our rescue from the gallows, we finally arrived at the town of Bramblesmash where we were told to meet in a month. We were greeted by a jittery guard who was made even more nervous by Krozius when he used his magic to disarm his crossbow. Sometimes I wonder if his human half does not make him more rash. We then met the captain of the guard and were told of a pack of wolves that had been terrorizing the town lately. We agreed to help and were free drinks at the local tavern, The Notched Broadsword. While there, a couple of drunks approached us, most likely intending trouble, but, thanks to Krozius, they were put to sleep. Brann also made a deal with the bartender, that, if we make it back alive, he gets free drinks for a month, however, he will not sing us any songs. We were woken in the middle of the night by one of the wolves attacks. Krozius used his fireball to get the attention of a small group clawing at a door. We managed to take them down and shortly after, a strange howl came from the west and the wolves left. I managed to heal some of the townsfolk who were injured, but not all of them survived. The next morning, we ate a breakfast of bacon, eggs, and beer. Though we elves usually do not eat meat, this bacon was quite the delicacy. We were thanked and given a shop discount by the tailor we saved in the attack. Brann was the only one left with money, but he bought us all cloaks. We were then joined by Aurora, who had been sleeping since we got there. She did not stay long though. Shortly after I began tracking the wolves into the forest, we came across a mutilated corpse. Aurora could not handle this sight and left for town. If she is to continue with us, she must be braver than that. We were then ambushed by a pack of wolves, but do not worry, they were no match for us. I was even able to skin some of them. Now we are at the entrance to their cave. I will write again as soon as I can. I promise to be safe. Take care.

’ ’
Your son,

Dirk's Journal
Entry 1-3 [session 2]

Month 8, Day 14, Year 234 ABR

Well, we just get into town and it seems we have a job to do. According to Marorin Songsteel, the Captain of the Guards, the town is being attacked wolves and some kind of ‘beasty’, werewolves judging from his description. No real rhyme or reason to it, they just come in attack the town and then leave. The townspeople are really shaken up; I could see that from crowd the bar. Although apparently the mayor is managing to stop them from panicking too much, so that’s one bright spot in all this. Wonder if they’ll attack tonight. You’ll hear from me soon if they do.


Month 8, Day 15, Year 234 ABR

Well, this was certainly an exciting night. Warning bells and screams of terror are far from the best wake up call. I felt a little sorry for Krozious he looked a bit hung over and I doubt the noise helped. We went outside to find, as expected Wolves attacking the townsfolk. We only managed to take down a three, Krozious taking one of them down before they even saw us, and the rest of us taking down the other two without any trouble. At the very least we managed to save they person they were attacking, so that’s good. Immediately after we were done, the rest were called off by what I’m guessing to be the alpha, probably the werewolf, or one of them at least judging from how loud the howl was. Sounded like he was howling right in my ear. Once they had gone, most of us headed to bed. We’ll need our sleep, for the fight tomorrow.


Month 8, Day 15, Year 234 ABR

I know I normally only write before bed, but I may not get the chance to, so I’m doing it now. We are about what we guess is the wolves den. If their little vanguard is any indication, this may end up a tough fight. It may have only been because there were more of them, but the fight seemed tougher this time around. Only two of us escaped unharmed. Nothing more than scratches really, but those could add up, there are sure to be more of them in the cave. And then there are the werewolves. There could be just one or there could be several, but either way they will be tough to take down. Let’s hope we all make it out of there alive. The victory ale will taste stale if we don’t. Will write later.


Journal of Krozius Arroway
Session 2

Well it seems that after much traveling we have finally arrived in the small town of Bramblesmash (note to self: spooking the town guard is an excellent way to get into the town quickly and meet who is in charge)and immediately after we get there Aurora seems to just go off into a stupor and disappear for the rest of the evening….sometimes I guess I will never understand women.

We met with one Marorin Songsteel (chief guard of the town) shortly after our arrival and we were briefed on how much trouble this town has apparently gotten into. They have been having a slight problem with the local wildlife, what with them getting attacked by rabid wolves and there seemingly being no rhyme or reason for the attacks. For agreeing to help out with this problem of theirs we have been given free room and board for the evening, unfortunately the only thing we get if we successfully complete this mission is that one of my dwarf allies will apparently get free alcohol. Speaking of alcohol….I have a feeling that one of those damn bastards spiked my drink and those damn alarm bells didn’t help my headache. (although I am grateful that Brann bought us all cloaks)

We are currently heading west in the direction the wolves have been coming from during their attacks and have found evidence of their passing, we should be nearing a cave soon that we believe might be their den. Hopefully we can get this out of the way quickly without much difficulty, but only time will tell.

Krozious Arroway

Adventures of Aurora
Session 1

After spending countless hours in a damp cell with little sleep I was pulled by my hair out in the hallway followed by four others who had been in the cell with me. The entire time i was in that cell all i could think of was my beautiful mother and strong father. I thought of the many things i had said and done over the years. How i had never really listened as my dad explain how to shoot with a bow. As i tried to remember what he said. I couldn’t, and i am saddened by this. We were all taken out into the streets, where the gallows had been built. Standing here looking at the gallows, I realize this may be the end for good. A silent tear rolls down my cheek as we are all lead up the steps. Each step a new memory comes to my mind, and another tear falls down my face. When all hope was gone, and I said my final goodbyes to my mother and father, and apologize for not finding them, A man saves us and leads us down into the sewers. He leads us to his boss and there we were given armor, weapons and for me, hope. The men gave me hope. Hope that i could find and make my parents proud. After the men gave us our materials the man handed me a map to the town of Bramblesmash. The men gave us horses but never once told us their names.

Adventures of Gath the Elf Ranger
Episode 3: Wolf Pack [Session 3]

Ranger’s Log, Forest date…um…Friday.

We headed down into the cave we tracked the beasts to. The passageway is long and dark. As we approach a larger chamber, we are attacked by a pack of what we realized were dire wolves. As we fought them in the narrow corridor, several smaller ones ran off in the darkness and the larger ones stood up their hind legs. I instantly new what these monsters were; werewolves!. As they stood up, we noticed they were wearing some sort of collar. I was able to knock one off with my sword, but paid the price when the monster went wild and attacked me. I was hurt pretty bad, so I withdrew to the back just as the smaller wolves who had run off came around to flank us. Thankfully, they were not as strong as the others and went down easily. Once all the wolves were dead, I examined the severed collar closer. Krozius could detect strong amounts of magic coming from them and advised us to leave them alone. I thought it may be useful to have on hand and was able to take it without being noticed. That night at camp, Dirk took first watch. However my much needed sleep was interrupted by a loud noise. When we went to investigate it, Dirk was gone and we could hear howling in the distance. The next morning, we found Dirk asleep in the woods with no memory of last night. It was obvious what happened to him; he was bitten by one of the werewolves. This could be a danger to us and everyone else. If we don’t help him soon, this may turn out bad. After that, Krozius finally decided to go back for the other collars, much to my misfortune. Needless to say, everyone was not pleased with my decision, but it does not matter now. As long as we were back, I decided to get some more pelts. Now we headed back to town for our, shiny, rich reward.

Journal of Krozius Arroway
Session 3

I suppose with nothing left to do this evening I will recount the day’s events before going to sleep. We have Dirk taking the only watch shift this evening seeing as most of our party has been wounded by the course of events that unfolded today. After dealing with an ambush of wolves late in the afternoon we pressed on through the forest to the entrance to a large cave. We assumed that it was the wolves’ den based on the fact that a great many of them appear to have passed through it’s entrance. We entered cautiously using my magic to allow us to see through the darkness. We passed through a long passage with no apparent branching paths to the entrance of an especially large cavern. Upon entering we found it full of the damn wolves and they immediately began to attack us for encroaching upon their territory. Our enemies consisted of six of the beasts three of them were a normal size, such that you would expect to see in the forest but the other three… they were massive, large enough to dwarf a normal man had they stood on their hind legs. The large beasts were wearing collars emanating some foul magic from them perhaps bending the beasts to some more maleficent will. Based on their size and the descriptions of the townsfolk, it appears that we have been dealing with lycanthropes. It was a hard fought battle but we were able to come out victorious and I can only hope that no one was hurt too badly as we will need to be strong for the journey back to the town.

Now at the town’s gate I feel once again that I have sufficient time to record the most recent events. The most prominent of these events is the fact that as of last night in the middle of his watch, Dirk is now a lycanthrope and will possibly pose quite the problem as we enter the town. Upon this realization we thought that it might be a good idea to attempt to recover one of the collars worn by the beasts we fought yesterday. And after traveling all the way back to the cave I discovered that Gath had been hiding one of them in his pack the entire time, I had told him not to touch them after the battle not wishing to deal with the powerful magic coming from them but it appears that he couldn’t keep his dirty hands off of them. I would normally have no problem with this but when it comes to magic this powerful it just presses on sensitive nerves. I suppose next time I tell him not to do something he might need a little…encouragement…

Journal of Krozius Arroway
Session 4

Upon entering the town, we were greeted with cheers and admiration as word began to spread around the town of Bramblesmash that those “foolhardy” adventurers actually survived their encounter with the wolves and appeared to be returning victoriously. Marorin Songsteel, the captain of the town guard greeted us not long after we arrived presented us with a monetary reward of roughly 500 Gold each (I suppose it’s better than Brann’s beer), Dirk thanked him for his ‘generosity’ and we went on to the tavern to celebrate. Brann immediately took the barkeep Walward up on his offer of free alcohol should he return alive, much to the barkeep’s dismay. There was however one person missing from the celebrations, it appeared that Aurora, after returning to the tavern, went off to fulfill her own agenda…

During our celebrations we met with a member of the town guard who goes by the name of Lúthien Carnesîr. She was able to tell us a little about the ‘Blinded Eyes’, a criminal organization that was part of the reason for Aurora’s disappearance. She also informed us of a robbery orchestrated by said gang at the temple of Kord that had resulted in the theft of a precious amulet we later found out was called the “Amulet of Inner Strength”. Upon hearing of the fact that the Blinded Eyes had something to do with this robbery, we set out for the temple in an attempt to find out more information about where our friend might have gone. Upon arrival we discovered from the Paladin of Kord Traros Hawklightthat the Blinded Eyes frequented the slums but it was not known much about where their base of operations was. This coincidence appeared to make our band and Lúthien temporary allies and as the topic of going to the slums came up with greater and greater frequency, I began to resent this fact. Lúthien was going to the slums in search of the Blinded eyes and we were on our way in search of our party member, we had similar goals in mind (finding the Blinded Eyes) so it only made sense for us to work together. My problem with her has to do with apparent disregard of people in the slums as actual people, that they were below her, or that they did not deserve to be within her presence. (I may be exaggerating a bit but this is the way that her attitude made me feel)

Enough digressions we were able to make it to the slums and acquisition the aid of a rather peculiar half orc by the name of Will. This half orc if rather peculiar because it appears that he resents the fact that he is indeed half orc, he seems to stoutly oppose anything that he deems ‘barbaric’ and maintain a civil of a composure in all situations. We met this half orc in the slums doing battle with blind eye thugs and endeavored to assist him when Brann put his foot in the face of the thug leader ensuring to everyone around whose side we were taking. The fight went rather quickly and we proceeded to capture the leader so that Lúthien could take him into custody for questioning, but the longer I was in her company the more and more angered I became. I at first merely attempted to make her job as hard as it could possibly be in an attempt to frighten the prisoner I began causing a ruckus with the ghost sound and mage hand spells that I had at my disposal. It did not end there though her constant berating and belittling of the slums (the location were I have spent most of my entire life!) was getting out of hand. I finally had enough and put her under a magical sleep and abruptly left before she awoke.

I spent my night brooding under the stars near the entrance to the town, curious about how Dirk is doing at this moment seeing as he left town for the evening unsure of weather or not he would change again. I went in search of him at first light and we met each other about mid morning and began our journey back towards the town and the inn. We arrived at the inn and no sooner had we sat down with Gath that guard Lúthien comes walking through the door. Brann goes up and whispers something in her ear and she immediately begins walking towards the back of the room with Will and Brann in tow. She pushes her way past Walward after a short conversation and enters one of the back rooms. It appeared that neither Gath nor Dirk took any notice of this, and not wanting to get involved, did not inform them until I heard glass shattering in the back room and a ruckus begin. We arrived at the door to the room as Lúthien was shackling another Blinded Eyes thug and preparing to take him off for questioning. Not wanting to hear anything more from the guard and hoping to avoid another outburst from myself I ask Dirk to assist me in searching the slums again for our friend Aurora

Session 4
The maps I kept in my journal show there should be a town nearby. I’ll head there and recover for a bit before pursing Gruumsh again. This is a

pleasant town, though they care not too much for my kind, though I cant really blame them. I found an inn that seems to not have a bius opinion, so I will stay
here for the night. The inn is called the notched broadsword. I got the best night of sleep I’ve had in over a month, even though it was haunted with dreams of my
torture. This is my second day in town and I got bothered by a barbaric group of fellows while wandering the town, two being halforc and one, a human. They
seemed to belong to a gang called the blinded eyes, maybe they have something to do with gruumsh. A party of nice enough people came to my aid when I just
didn’t feel like a confrontation of 3 on 1. With this group is a kind, driven guardswoman, A brawling dwarf with an okay attitude, an elf ranger who seems greedy,
but not bad at all, and a halfelf mage with an odd outlook on things but I think he will prove to be friendly. The halforcs were killed in the confrontation, but the
human was taken in custody by the guard. I keep reliving Gruumsh’s camp in my nightmares. I my new friends cant tell that I’m troubled. Today we tracked down
more of the blinded eyes and there seems to be a lot of halforcs in there ranks, so I’m almost positive they are in kahoots with Gruumsh. So I’ve decided that if I
help the group investigate this gang I will find Gruumsh again. I also want to join the ranks of the town guard because if I can gain their trust they might help me
stop Gruumsh and the blinded eyes. we took another person into custody and I wanted to torture him so bad, but I didnt want to succumb to the bloodlust, and so
far I’ve succeeded. I need to find means of leather working so I can make new armor, and means of crafting a new bow.

Adventures of Gath the Elf Ranger
Episode 4: The Blinded Eyes [Session 4]

PAYDAY! We got back to town and received our reward form the shocked and grateful captain. Nothing says “Welcome home” like five hundred gold(except more gold)! Everyone was thrilled to see us return…well almost everyone. The barkeep was less than thrilled to see he now owed Brann free drinks for a month, which he began taking advantage of immediately. While we are celebrating our survival, we meet this guard, Luthien, who tells us our missing friend Aurora may have gone to the temple of Kord to investigate a robbery of an ancient artifact. I honestly find it a little odd that someone is afraid of a dead body would go off on their own. Anyway, when we get to the temple, we learn more about the gang behind the robbery. They are a small time street gang called the Blinded Eyes. This has been the biggest job they have ever pulled. The only thing anyone knows about them is that the operate out of the slums, which is where Aurora was last seen headed days ago. She’s going to get herself killed doing something like this on her own.

We decide that we should head off to the slums to see if we can find any clues. However, with night fast approaching, Dirk decides it is best that he “goes for a walk” outside of town for some fresh air. As we proceed through the slums, we come across a half-orc being harassed by two orcs and a human. We help him out and arrest the human who turns out to be with the Blinded Eyes. The half-orc, named Will, seems quiet well mannered for one of his kind. He also has a deep hatred of other orcs and things he considers barbaric. While talking with him, we hear a strange noise and follow it, but never find out what it was. Around now, it becomes very apparent that Krozius does not care for Luthien and her views of the slums and knocks her out with a sleep spell. After that, I decide to head back to the inn for some sleep. The next morning, I go down for some breakfast. As I eat my hardy meal, the rest of the group begins to show up. While Dirk seemed to have a less than pleasant evening, it looked like Brann had the time of his life(or any other night for a dwarf, I suppose). While Drik, Krozius, and I finish our breakfast, the others engage some Blinded Eye members in the back room. By the time we get there, they have already arrested another suspect. I also manage to sell some spare rope I had to Luthien for three gold. A nice complement to my twenty two gold I collected from the unlucky orcs we killed. Five hundred twenty five gold, a good start(for now). I decide to go with Luthien and Will to have the prisoner interrogated. Nothing new even with torture. Well, better luck next time. I better be getting paid for all this.


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