Tag: Bramblesmash


  • Taros Arborshate

    The [[Bramblesmash]] Tailor Aborshate runs the [[Three Legged-Lion]]. It is a simply owned Tailor which the party currently has a discount to. He was saved thanks to the party from wolves attempting to break into his home. He is quite thankful to them. …

  • Marorin Songsteel

    The simple guard captain of [[Bramblesmash]]. He seems to be an older man around his late thirties to his early forties. His face shows the scars of battle, literally with a three clawed scar across his face. He seems to care deeply about his …

  • Otirry Pegason

    The Charismatic leader of [[Bramblesmash]]. Ever since he became leader of the town moral grew significantly. Even with the beasts attacking his town he has been able to keep some faith in the town living through the horrors. Aside from his speeches of …

  • Walward Dawntracker

    The local Bartender of [[Bramblesmash]] Runs the Inn and Tavern of [[Bramblesmash]] named [[The Notched Broadsword]]. A normal commoner. Seems to have not much faith in anything since the attacks started.