Aurora Blazechild


Divine Sorcery

level 0
detect magic
ghost sound
read magic

level 1
magic missile


Aurora was born in a small close knit village. Her parents where famous in the village. her father was the best bowyer and he was the head guard for the village. Her mother was the main healer and sorceress for the village. Aurora always had magic running through her veins. Her mother helped her learn to control her powers and her father always tried to get her to pick up the use a bow. While she can use a bow she is no where near her fathers ability. Growing up her fathers brother would visit the family and show aurora his shiny swords and show her how to fight with swords. She saw the fighting style as a beautiful and intricate dance. As aurora got older her uncle stopped coming by the village. A few weeks after her 26th birthday her parents disappeared. Auroras village turned on her blaming her for her parents disappearance. The village would not listen to her as she tried to explain she had no idea where her family was. She turned to her uncle but found no help. The village elders decided as her punishment she was to be exiled. She set out of her village to find her parents.

Aurora Blazechild

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