Brann Alestromm


STR: 18
DEX: 15
CON: 16
INT: 12
WIS: 14
CHA: 10

AC: 12
HP: 11
Initiative: 6


  • Fists (1D6)


  • Fort: 5
  • Reflex: 4
  • Will: 4


  • Improved Initiative
  • Stunning Fist

Special Abilities

  • Flurry of Blows
  • Unarmed Strike

Parents were cloth traders and they brought me along on their trade routes. The caravan we were in was attacked by bandits and nearly everyone was killed or dragged off. A small group of monks from a nearby monastery that had seen the smoke from the burning wagons arrived and found me severely injured and brought me back to their monastery. As I recovered, they offered to train me. Knowing there was nothing left in the world for me, I accepted. As I trained, I began to worship Saint Cuthbert, the god of retribution. For 12 years I trained with the humans and elves at this monastery. One day a wounded bandit was brought to the monastery and I had to stop myself from killing him on sight. When the bandit recovered, I caught him trying to steal artifacts from the monastery and killed him without mercy. I was then exiled from the monastery and had then on swore to help protect innocents and to kill or bring to justice any murderous criminals I come across.

Brann Alestromm

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